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  • Sherril Tahira Masih - Licensed Real Estate Agent
    Sherril Tahira Masih

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    Tel: 02 66521788
    Mobile: 0488799424

    Sherril is a Licensed Estate Agent & Strata Managing Agent who has particularly good experience with finance. She also has a Masters Degree in Economics & is an Anglican Priest!

    Sherril speaks Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. The National language of India is Hindi & the National language of Pakistan is Urdu. She also also understands around 10-12 state languages of India & Nepal like Gujarati, Marathi,Nepali, Marwari spoken by the people of the state of Rajasthan in India, Bhili spoken by the Tribal folk of Madhya Pradesh, Haryanvi spoken by the people of Haryana.

    Selling your home or land, contact Sherril at the office or on 0404-90-4562

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